You searched for: «video My Lands (MyLands)» We invite you to play MyLands online strategy game!

My Lands video: MyLands game


    You searched for: «video My Lands (MyLands)» We invite you to play:

    My_Lands_1 My Lands (MyLands): The "work done, have your fun" thesis seems to have started showing signs of strain. Now, simply playing MyLands online strategy, you have a real fun! You will especially like the game, if you have got acquainted with the legendary "Heroes" — Heroes of Might and Magic. The main elements of MyLands are almost the same:
    • Four races;
    • Heroes leading their armies;
    • Resources required for creating and maintaining your troops;
    • Ruins and artefacts;
    • Quests;
    • And, of course, the eternal battle for dear life between the inhabitants of MyLands universe...
    MyLands is a conditionally free game with a magic resource - the Black Gems. It can be both purchased for real money and obtained in the Game: stolen from Monsters in Ruins, produced in Salt Lakes of flying islands, and bought at the auction for the in-game Gold. The Black Gems can be spent on Premium services. What players like most about MyLands?
    • Large gaming world
    • servers for PvP or PvE
    • wide diplomatic opportunities
    • well-thought clan interaction system
    • advanced quest system
    • hero and army powerleveling
    • emphasis on well-thought cooperative actions


    Have fun by playing: My Lands Universe


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