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My lands sets (Bonus)

All sets are given in 1000 and 100% of science to gain experience for the level set, as well as ownership of the closed gate on the map of the kingdom.




01 1

Elven ranger

The health of all troops +15%.

02 1


Simultaneous construction of one building, working on the road.

03 1


Attack +15% of all troops.

04 1


Protection of all troops +15%.

05 1


Radius of investigation 10, works in the way.

06 2

Ship of the desert

Protection from magic +25%.

07 2


Salaries shooters -40%.

08 2


With victory in the possession of the enemy. Diversion of all the buildings that produce troops (except mercenaries) for 1 day.

09 2

Warrior of the steppes

Attack all troops by 25%.

10 2

Monster Shredder

30% of the horror monsters.

11 2


With victory in possession. Workout mages +100% for 72 hours.

12 2



13 2


Salaries of soldiers -40%.

14 2

Storm trooper

With victory in the possession of subversive towers for 2 hours.

15 2


Maximum protection +20.

16 2


Done fortifications +450%.

17 2

The Lord of the salt lakes

Maximum protection of the garrison in the Lake +20.

18 2



19 2



20 2

Underground ruler

Maximum protection of +20 in the dungeon.

21 2

Patron allies

Reports of attacks on allies, working on the road.

22 3



23 3

Suppressor magicians

With victory in the possession of the workout mages +200% for 72 hours.

24 3


Simultaneous construction +1 of the building works in a way.

25 3


Salaries riders -60%.

26 3


Salaries of doctors is -50%.

27 3

Master spy

With victory in the possession of a diversion of all buildings for 12 hours.

28 3



29 3

The great ruler

The ability to have +1 the apparent possession, working on the road.

30 3

Defender ally

Reports of attacks on allies, working on the road.

31 3

Soldier of Fortune

Chance of finding magic item in ruin +350%.

32 3



33 3

Air warrior

The Volatile -60%.

34 3

Legendary Peacemaker

With victory in the possession of the enemy army does not leave the possession of 12:00.

35 4

Master Research

The ability to have +1 a hero, but not more than 4, working on the road.

36 4

Lord of monsters

60% of the horror monsters.

37 4


Radius of +12 observations, working on the road.

38 4


The ability to have +1 the city is working on the road.

39 4

Lord of the Dead

Horror 40%, over the ownership of the skull with the hero.

40 4

Master of Magic

Protection from magic +45%.

41 4

Slave holder

The capture of slaves from 40% of destroyed enemy forces in the reservation of the clan.

42 4


The ability to have +2 camps, working on the road.

43 5

Armor of God

Hero on the defense does not come into possession of a losing battle with the army hiding in the shelter (if the troops do not have enough rest and gold).

44 5


Health enemy -50%.

45 5


Camouflage army with a hero: 1-300 "little" 301-1000 "much", 1001-3000 "crowd" 3001-20000 "Legion," 20001-100000 "horde", 100001 + "darkness."

46 5

Master of the World

Offensive mission with the hero hides from visionary.


Online strategy game My Lands.


You searched for: «My lands sets (Bonus)» We invite you to play:

My_Lands_1 My Lands (MyLands): The "work done, have your fun" thesis seems to have started showing signs of strain. Now, simply playing MyLands online strategy, you have a real fun! You will especially like the game, if you have got acquainted with the legendary "Heroes" — Heroes of Might and Magic. The main elements of MyLands are almost the same:
  • Four races;
  • Heroes leading their armies;
  • Resources required for creating and maintaining your troops;
  • Ruins and artefacts;
  • Quests;
  • And, of course, the eternal battle for dear life between the inhabitants of MyLands universe...
MyLands is a conditionally free game with a magic resource - the Black Gems. It can be both purchased for real money and obtained in the Game: stolen from Monsters in Ruins, produced in Salt Lakes of flying islands, and bought at the auction for the in-game Gold. The Black Gems can be spent on Premium services. What players like most about MyLands?
  • Large gaming world
  • servers for PvP or PvE
  • wide diplomatic opportunities
  • well-thought clan interaction system
  • advanced quest system
  • hero and army powerleveling
  • emphasis on well-thought cooperative actions


Have fun by playing: My Lands Universe


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