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1000 during just one night My Lands (earn real money online games)

$1000 during just one night – is my personal record of money withdrawal from «My Lands» game. Experienced gamers who make money playing this game, argue that this is the average amount of their monthly income. Today we will talk about ways of real money making using «My Lands» game

(make real money online games) — Professional Governor – $1000


The most reliable way of money making in the game is your personal account. Construct and build competently staffed and well-protected city, create the army which will be capable to protect the city and start to sell it to other users. One my friend has sold kinda well-developed capital, with pumped and flow technology base and strong military for $ 1,100. The buyer was found directly at the game. For getting your monthly income, he advices to develop several cities simultaneously on each server.

(earn real money online games) — Tomb Riders – up to $1000


The easiest way to earn money is to make a trimming of Ruins and a capture of Salt Lakes. At the moment the amount of Black Pearl in Ruins increased. For example, from the Ruins of the 7th level it is easy to take out from 50 000 up to 100 000 of Pearls. This means that you can get $ 500 — $ 1000 for one successful raid. You will need and should search for Ruins, but in the same time you can make your task more easier: it is possible to buy the information about Ruins location from other gamers for resources.

(make real money online games) — Game Sotheby’s – from $400

In order to save as much of Black Pearls as only possible, it is not necessary to scour the map trying to find Ruins. It is much more easier to build strong developing economy and start some auctions for yourself. Such auctions have regular sounding leads and units of trading every one off which has a certain number of Black Pearls, so that a gamer with good gold coins supply will always be able to buy them. Some additional gold you can get from successful game resources selling. Besides, it is much more easier to make money at such auctions by playing after the Knights race with their bonuses to gold mining.

(earn real money online games) — The Pearl Hunters – up to $200


Pearl mining in Salt Lake is moving slowly but kinda firmly and consistently. This method is a good one in its simplicity. You are finding the Lake, building the Pearl mining and starting to becoming reach and famous. Without any special efforts you can easily get up to $200 per month from the Lake! For increasing your money it is better to develop and work over few Lakes at the same time. You can purchase their coordinates from other gamers for resources.

(make real money online games) — The Godfather – from $300 per month

Much more money you can earn working collectively in «My Lands» game. Creating a Clan from most reliable friends and distributing among them the mentioned above job types you will actually get your salary once a month. Active gamers in such a way can earn and actually earning nearly and sometimes even more than $300. Additional and extra incomes which can be exchanged onto Black Pearls your Clan will get by giving patronage to beginners for a fee.

(earn real money online games) — The successful leader – $10 000

The most interesting and profitable way to earn big money quickly and without many problems – is to take a part in the Faction War. During the game in «My Lands» you will get the «Faction War» quest and be able to register on the same named server


In this game the World is divided into two equal parts which are controlled by 2 factions: Fraction of Light and Fraction of Darkness. The center of the world is occupied by Resident Evil – an epic ruin where the Black Pearl is accumulating during gamers’ spending. Besides, the server has a prize fund which is supplementing every time players put money into the game.

The object of the game – is to destroy all capitals of the opposing faction. If 4 months after you start the game the goal will not be reached, Armageddon starts at the server. During it monsters are multiplying in geometric progression and attack all players. Those who survived in this bloody fraction war and in Armageddon will share the prize money in amount of $ 15,000 on the average. The amount you have won will increase after you rob the Resident Evil.

Hope all these techniques and methods will help you to earn money and you will get much more pleasure from playing this online-strategy and from getting real cash. If you will find some additional methods and ways of money making in this game – do not be greedy much and share them with me!

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